The Mahabharata Quest: A Secret Revealed – Part 6

PART 6 MAY Outside the British museum Harry scanned the open area outside the British Museum as the trio hurried down the stairs. When they had reached the Great Court after leaving the security office, Harry had broken the news to the other two. ‘We’re under surveillance here,’ he said...

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Fact and Fiction in The Mahabharata Secret – Part 1

After The Mahabharata Secret was published, I received emails from readers asking me if this was a true story. They wanted to know what was fact and what was fiction. There are a lot of true facts in the book, based on research into historical events and scientific fact. Based on...

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The Mahabharata Quest: A Secret Revealed – Part 5

NINE MONTHS AGO  CHAPTER 1 The British Museum, London Vijay strolled through the spacious, covered Great Court of the British Museum. When Imran had suggested going on a vacation, the choice of London as a destination hadn’t been random; Vijay had a purpose in coming here. His meeting with KS...

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The Mahabharata Quest: A Secret Revealed – Part 4

PART 4 Eight months ago CHAPTER 1 Starbucks, Saket New Delhi Vijay stared at the prism that KS had placed on the table. It was small—barely 4 inches in height—and looked like it was made of white chalk with fine inscriptions on all eight faces. He reached out and touched...

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The Mahabharata Quest: A Secret Revealed – Part 3

PART 3 SEVEN MONTHS AGO CHAPTER 1 Starbucks, Cyber Hub, Gurgaon Vijay looked at his watch impatiently. Six months ago, when he had returned from Kazakhstan, he had received a mysterious call, late at night. The caller, who was unknown to him, had a baffling request. He had asked for...

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