Video: The Mystery of Mine Howe (Locations from The Secret of the Druids)

So, finally, I found a video on Minehowe. It is fairly old, telecast by Discovery Channel in 2000, and Minehowe has changed a bit since the video was shot. The henge around the mound, for example, has been partially excavated (as described in the book), the shed you see in the video, the covers the opening into the underground chamber is no longer there, having been flattened in a storm (also described in a book; in fact Yeti uses a wooden plank from this very shed to cover the opening at the end of the book – though that was fictional since there are no remains of the green wooden shed at the site anymore). But this video gives you a great tour through Minehowe, better in many ways than my photographs could capture and I hope this will enhance your experience as you relate this to what I have described in the book. Enjoy!


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