Video: Underworld by Graham Hancock

Those of you who have attended my sessions have  heard me speak of Graham Hancock, whose book “Fingerprints of the Gods” was one of the influences that led me on the path to exploring science and the Mahabharata. Hancock has written several books, including “Underworld”, which explores mysterious underwater structures which could be the ruins of monuments built by his hypothetical “Lost Civilisation”, which he first wrote about in “Fingerprints of the Gods”. Are these the ruins built by that civilisation that was destroyed by the Great Flood? Did the sea then submerge these structures after the Great Flood, hiding them away from the eyes of humanity until they were recently discovered? The book explores these questions.

A television series in 3 parts was also made, based on the book, in which Hancock takes viewers to these sites and talks about the evidence for an ancient, lost civilisation. I am pleased to present, exclusively for Quest Club members, the first part of this television series, for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy watching it. The other two parts will be uploaded over the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Please note: this is not a high resolution video, but it is the best that I could lay my hands on. I found the picture quality to be sufficient to complement the fascinating content of the video.

Please do leave your comments after watching the video!


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