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Sunshine n Blue Clouds

Sharp,intelligent and engaging are the best words to describe Christopher C. Doyle’s debut novel, the hugely successful ‘The Mahbharata Secret’ . His blending of facts and imagination for the book is marvellous .You can catch my review of it here. And to know the author just add the terms Classy...

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A taste of legends: The Hindu

Call it focussed thinking, creative itch, following the herd or sheer talent, the result of each has led to a firm drift. One is referring to the corporate world which, since some years, has been spawning authors in the cauldron of multiple genres and compound factors that the Indian publishing...

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Why did Alexander turn back?: The Telegraph

He writes on The Mahabharata and Alexander the Great. No wonder Christopher C. Doyle had a captive audience when he launched his second book The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret (Westland, Rs 295) at Starmark, South City Mall, earlier this month. “While I was doing my research for this book...

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Christopher C. Doyle: The Power of the Pen!

They say words have the power to transcend boundaries, religions, races and countries to give out its true meaning. And who can know this better than a writer. He has the responsibility to bring out the right words to convey the right meaning and to create a magical effect that...

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