Why did Alexander turn back?: The Telegraph

He writes on The Mahabharata and Alexander the Great. No wonder Christopher C. Doyle had a captive audience when he launched his second book The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret (Westland, Rs 295) at Starmark, South City Mall, earlier this month.

“While I was doing my research for this book and the mysteries surrounding Alexander the Great, I came across various interesting facts. Not much has been recorded of him. Apart from the written accounts of Callisthenes, the Greek historian, we do not really have any official records of Alexander and therefore how much of what we know is true is a moot point,” said the 48-year-old alumnus of IIM Calcutta, who turned author with The Mahabharata Secret in 2013.

Doyle began with a visual presentation and took the audience through the life of the great conqueror, pointing out some mysteries on the way.

Why didn’t Alexander tell his troops about his pothos (Greek for longing or yearning) to march to the Ends of the Earth?

Why did he turn back from the Beas and go no further?

He died in 323 BC. What killed him?

Based on his research, Doyle feels Alexander knew about a secret in The Mahabharata that would make him God. But he succumbed to an early death. As Doyle put it, it’s “a story waiting to be told”.

Actor-director Koushik Sen read out a few passages from the book. “Theatre has taught me to read between the lines and to discover visuals between the lines. What attracted me to this book is that I found human expressions. I could feel the characters. The sudden jump from the present to the past seemed almost cinematic. It did not bother me at all, in fact, I was happy to wait in order to know what happens next,” said Sen.

Doyle said that all facts mentioned in his books have been justified using scientific laws and he has had to read up extensively in order to create a believable hypothesis.

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12 thoughts on “Why did Alexander turn back?: The Telegraph

  1. sudha06

    I just read the first book. The title drove me to reading the book in kindle. Couldn’t leave reading until I read the last page. Interesting and amazing facts revealed. I love history. I have always had a fascination for the Great Rulers starting from Alexander the Great. I have never heard his death was not natural. Good find. The churning of the ocean highlighting many factors. One doubt arises Mr. Doyle.. May it be the milky ocean of our epics the Shira Sagara or Parkadal where Lord Vishnu resides with his Lady Goddess Lakshmi. Why did not Alexander realise to take the secret ingredients mixed. That must have been his destiny, avariciousness and ego to become God had made him blindfolded to reality. Dear Sir you have literally become the Voice of God. But how much can the Order be trusted? Waiting read the next book. Got so absorbed in your writing.

    1. chrisdoyle Post author

      Thank you, Sudha, for your kind words. I am glad you enjoyed reading The Alexander Secret. If you have a fascination for the Great Rulers, then you will surely enjoy The Secret of the Druids, which features Julius Caesar as the historical angle. You are correct about Alexander’s destiny – he was too arrogant to realise what was really required to make the amrita work. I hope you are a member of The Quest Club and have read the scientific explanation I have provided in the post: Solving the Mystery of Alexander’s death.

  2. Harekrishna Dash

    Dear Sir, I’m from Orissa and hope you know about Puri and Lord Jagannath. I always wondered why someone will create such a idol of God and warship it. If someone will ask us to create something we go either with what we see in our day today life or with our imagination, if at all it was an imagination, what was the reasons behind it. I’m not good in expressing my views like you sir, if possible do a research and present it before us. Thank you.

    1. chrisdoyle Post author

      Yes, I do know about Lord Jagannath and Puri. I would love to do research on the temple at Puri – as soon as I get some time from researching and writing my next book.

      1. Harekrishna Dash

        Thanks for your response Sir… It will be a great experience to see a thousand of years old history through your vision. My best wishes is always with you.

  3. dwijgurram

    Hi sir,i have not read any of your books yet ,but as an avid hippie I do know that Amrita is MAOI or DMT .do you agree?

    1. chrisdoyle Post author

      That’s an interesting viewpoint, but I know of no scientific research that has linked either one to immortality. If you do know of such research, please do share it with me, I will be interested in reviewing it. Thanks!

      1. dwijgurram

        Happy to help you sir ,and also there’s this ancient Indian alchemical tradition in India which is still alive and goes by the name rasa shastra ( https://shrifreedom.org/ayurveda/rasa-shastra/ ) which some say is the reason why Qin Shi Huang was so obsessed with mercury & immortality. but I feel that either DMT or Chemical elixirs only provide an small window of experience into the immortality of the soul ,and that true immortality is possible only to a few handful sadhus who have understood the intricacies of the human body and mind

        1. chrisdoyle Post author

          Thank you for the details. I will definitely research this. Do also read my book to see what my theory is – based purely on science of course!

  4. Chrisdawes

    Dear sir, I am Christopher Dawes from Bangalore. I came across your book Alexander Secret and I was trapped into reading it from cover to cover, and mind you in one sitting! It is truly a gripping novel and i could not arise till I finished it. In fact I read it late into the night and felt a great sense of accomplishment on having completed it. I was so enthralled that I went to Amazon and ordered the sequel- The secret of the Druids and The Pataala Prophecy. IN fact I got the latter at 3:00pm in the evening and finished it at 11:00 pm at night. I just could not get away from it.
    I must admit, you are a genius and your books are truly a masterpiece. I will be expectantly waiting for news of your other novels as and when they are published. God Bless you.

    1. chrisdoyle Post author

      Thank you for your kind words, Christopher, and I am glad you enjoyed reading my books. God bless.


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